2015 Platform Research Symposium in Boston (MA)

Am 09. und 10. Juli 2015 findet das Platform Research Symposium in Boston mit verschiedenen Beiträgen zu Plattformen, Strategien von „Hochkarätern“ der Community wie bspw. Geoffrey Parker oder Marshall Van Alstyne statt. Der erste Veranstaltungstag richtet sich hierbei an Forscher, der zweite Tag an Praktiker. Auch Einreichungen von Beiträgen sind derzeit noch möglich. Weitere Infos unter: smgworld.bu.edu/platformstrategy/.

Hier die offizielle Einladung, welche mich dazu erreicht hat:

Boston University Executive Education Center

July 9, 2015

We are hosting the third academic symposium on platform research July 9 in Boston. As an active scholar in related areas, you are cordially invited to join us. We can’t promise that every paper will be accepted, but we can promise an outstanding day of research, colleagues, and good cheer. Topics of particular interest include:

• Platform business models
• Launch
• Two-sided networks
• Platform pricing strategy
• Internal organization
• Transitioning products to platforms
• Multihoming
• Coalitions, standard setting & policy
• Open Innovation
• Platform analytics

VENUE: smgworld.bu.edu/platformstrategy/
SUBMISSIONS: platformeconomics.org/2015/03/2015symposium/

Due to generous sponsorship from the Center for Global Enterprise and from Mars Corporation, all conference fees are waived for presenters and discussants.

We are also delighted to share a summary of Platform Strategy literature forthcoming in the Palgrave Encyclopedia of Strategy (www.palgraveconnect.com/esm/doifinder/10.1057/9781137294678.0794). If you don’t have free academic access, the penultimate version is available here (ssrn.com/abstract=2439323).

We look forward to seeing you in Boston this summer.


Geoffrey Parker
Marshall Van Alstyne
Tulane University / Boston University / MIT